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Tierney James, Author

Lipstick & Danger


One of the best things about being an avid reader is the ability to be transported into another time. You step into the lives of colorful characters that warm your heart or wake you in the middle of the night, trembling with fear. When you reach those dreaded words, “The End,” you sigh, cry or even scream that there is nothing left to explore—at least until you pick up the next book.

All my life I’ve loved books, stories told by the old folks and movies which made my heart pound with excitement. I wrote my first puppet play when I was ten years old. From that moment on I realized that I could create worlds designed to entertain.

The Enigma Series was born after moving to Northern California. The first book, An Unlikely Hero picked up steam after several people in Northern California kept mistaking me for someone named Melanie. The DMV even took me aside for a little chat. After all was resolved I began to wonder who this woman might be and whether or not she could be in danger. I fell in love with my characters and knew they would be a part of my life for a very long time.

I write to inspire, to make your heart pound, to make you lose touch with reality for just a short time. Thank you for stopping by this page, even if it was a mistake. Things happen for a reason. Join me as I write myself into character and adventure.

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