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So far this year has been an adventure, don’t you think? For me I finally finished up #7 in the Engima Series. I love the cover of this one. Invisible Goodbye takes place in Russia, a place I’d love to visit. Of course, I may not be allowed in now that I’ve written this story. Always a risk I guess. It will be coming out in another month so stand by with your passport. Old friends return in this action/adventure story with some hidden agendas. Come along for the ride and enjoy the chilly weather of Siberia.

This is what I do now; write stories for a living. To create a new world of adventure gives me boundless joy and entertainment. I’ve decided to share that love with others in my community by creating a weekly group called, The Write Place. I look forward to sharing with you all the new things that come our way that enhances what I do every day.


If you don’t already know, my books are slowly showing up on Audible. Dark Side of Morning, The Rescued Heart and An Unlikely Hero. If you are like me and many others, sometimes listening to a book while you go about a daily routine is easier than sitting down to read.

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