Lipstick & Danger


Tierney James is an award-winning author with 20 books under her belt. She writes in a number of thriller genres; action-adventure, supernatural, geopolitical, and romance. And for good measure she also loves to write an occasional western suspense. She is a sought-after speaker at writer conferences, writer groups and public events. Teaching others about marketing and creating their first published book keeps her inspired with each success story.


In March she released the first book in the Lipstick & Danger Series. Follow these ladies of action and adventure who got their start in the little community of Arcadia Valley. #1 House of Miracles takes place in Belize and #2 The Rescued Heart begins in Arcadia Valley, Missouri in a mining town. Other locations will be in the Middle East and possibly North Africa.

In May she released her first adventure cookbook. Well actually it is an Enigma Cookbook where the characters from the series share their recipes along with their sometimes comical stories to keep it interesting. It will be a different kind of cookbook for sure.


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