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Attack of the Heart on Valentine’s Day

So another Valentine’s Day. Sigh. I’ll have to admit this isn’t my favorite holiday. It’s become a rush to see who can 20140718_191901be thValentines Card - Sunlight On Two Roses In Lovee most romantic, create the perfect moment to demonstrate love and spend an ungodly amount of money for flowers that die in a few days. (However, I do adore flowers. They make me happy.) Maybe it’s because my sweetie really doesn’t go all out for this day which makes me a little flippant about the whole thing. The other part is my husband tells me every day he loves me. What could be better? Although he thinks he’s a regular Romeo, but I see him more of an adorable John Candy in Uncle Buck. (Which by the way he swears the man should have gotten an academy award for the role.)

Yes, I like jewelry, chocolates, flowers, candle light dinners with soft jazz playing in the background (I’ve never had that but…) and dressing up for special occasions. But what I really like is a romantic surprise. Several years ago on a very hot day my husband came home with two antique Jewel Tea pitchers which I love. This particular design is one of my favorites but I won’t buy it for myself because it tends to be expensive. He had stopped at a yard sale, having spotted a table of old dishes earlier in the day when he drove by. Needless to say I was thrilled and sighed, “So romantic.” It’s the little things. Even now as I look at them from across the room then at him engrossed in his Clash of Clans game I think, “Yep. He’s a keeper.”

one burning candle decoration against black background

So this is how my Valentine’s Day played out; The hubby picked me up from a writer’s meeting and handed me a very pretty rose corsage, (I know! Old fashion and sweet.) a movie (Deadpool – loved it!) and a late lunch at Outback Steak House. Stopped at Office Depot to pick up a few things. (Writer’s Porn) Now I’m back at home waiting to watch the political debates. Yes. I actually enjoy watching them; sad but true. I’ll probably read after that (the latest Vince Flynn thriller) then maybe write as the snow and ice begins to pelt against the windows. All in all a really great day.


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