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First Draft

    My book is nearing the end of the first draft.  I know if you’re a writer of fiction you understand what I mean when I say the characters become such a part of your every day life that sometimes you expect to see them standing in the most unexpected places.  If I’ve gotten them into a tight situation and don’t get back to solving the problem for a few days I can almost hear them saying, “Seriously!  Get me out of here!”  
     I feel charged with energy when I write.  The prospect of finishing this first draft is unbelievably satisfying.  Several people have offered to help me edit because they believe in my work.  That too, is rewarding, knowing that what I say has worth.  The words are pouring into my brain even as I take this short break.  Soon I will begin to share more of my journey as a writer.  Don’t give up on me!!  

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