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A Letter to Amy

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Dear Amy Winehouse:
  So much talent! It’s hard for us desperate for recognition of our talents to understand how you let drugs take control of your life.  Money didn’t rescue you or all the plastic friends that must have attached themselves to your success.  I’m  hurt by that.  I think of all the brave men and women who sacrifice so much while serving in the military with no recognition.  They forge happy lives after suffering.  Why didn’t you?  Think of the people who beg for supplies and help at soup kitchens.  Somehow they make due and bask in the gratefulness of those they serve.  Why didn’t you?  Your music will live as a testament to the demons of drug abuse.  Next week, however, you will be a faded memory.  Maybe someone will decide today to make their life, their gift, count for making this world a better place.  We have plenty of people trying to do the opposite.  Rest now, Amy.


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