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     I can’t tell you at the number of articles I’ve read in The Writer and Writer’s Digest about authors and the way they write.  Some say they sit down at five a.m., drinking an ungodly amount of coffee, hitting the computer keys until about noon.  Then there are some who say they write a few hours in the evening but never on weekends.  I recently read how one author suffers horribly while writing his painful take on life and refuses to have so much as a clock in his sparse office of creativity.  Then there’s me.
     My words become people so I just can’t desert them with a set schedule in hand, saying: “Sorry!  Times up.  See you tomorrow.”  Sometimes I write in the morning.  If I have things needing to get done I wait until the afternoon.  I write on weekends.  There are times I write all day and days when I write one hour.  I can’t always just sit and create.  When my words become stumbling blocks I get up and work on something else, usually laundry.  Writer’ block?  No problem.  I read a book or make a few phone calls.  Somehow my head clears and off I go again.
     The realization for me was that chances are I’m never going to write like Vince Flynn or James Rollins.  So I decided to write like me.  Right now that is working out pretty good.  I’ll be finishing my first novel in a few days.  Editing will then begin and I can do whatever needs to happen next.  
     Vince and Jim:  If you find yourselves needing something to read let me know!   

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