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This Book Needs a Title!!!

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I finally finished my novel; at least the first draft.  August 5, 12:01 a.m.!  The sense of accomplishment I felt was pretty intense.  I printed the last five chapters off then sat it aside to rest.  Well, it’s getting restless and is begging to be edited and improved.  I’ve been told by several writers/authors that I need to wait on that chore.  But it’s still so fresh in my head that I really think I’m going to tackle it anyway.  I know Stephen King wouldn’t approve but I really don’t have his flare, talent or money to just wait.  Other novels are punching away at my imagination.  So if I finish this one up I can get started on the next.
     However I’m really needing a title for my book.  Here are a few of the titles:
     The Unlikely Hero
     American Hero
     Enigma and an Unlikely Hero
The two main characters are Tessa (a housewife who stumbles into a national security situation) and Captain Hunter (a leader of a secret Homeland Security organization) who manages to save her life only to involve her in series of dangerous events that change her life forever.
     Advice please!

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