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It’s hard to believe that I haven’t updated my blog for nearly a month.  A lot has been going on in my life.  I guess that is a good thing if it has kept me from posting.  The truth is I’ve been a little lazy at keeping things organized.  I’ve been getting ready for Christmas since the first of November.  Determined to complete my shopping list, wrap all the gifts, help my children with various life demands before Thanksgiving left me almost too tired to decorate for Christmas.  But true to form after devouring more turkey and dressing than a body can reasonably hold I tackled all the Christmas decor upon returning from St. Louis.  When I told people I had all 10 of my trees up and the gifts under the tree after Thanksgiving someone suggested I should keep that to myself unless I wanted a contract put on my life.  
     My editor managed to get at least 14 chapters back to me with a list of corrections.  I anticipated enough red ink to suggest someone had opened up a vein over the manuscript.  That was not the case. Making changes (just like in life!) have been difficult nonetheless.  The manuscript through another’s eyes can be painful, but the anticipation of improvement offers great rewards.  I can’t wait to make my crippled novel whole again after the lengthy operations I must perform.  Fortunately my editor is brilliant! I trust her.  
     I can’t promise I’ll write each week, but I promise to try.  There is so much life to live and experience, friends to laugh with, comfort to give to those in need, things to create and blessings to count that I just might get side tracked.  
     If you are reading my blog there are a few people in my life that require your prayers.  Some of these people I don’t know personally and others are very dear to my heart.  Please remember them when you speak to God.  Thank you for your support in my writing adventures.

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