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Where Are the Magical Elves

Last night some of my dear girlfriends and I had a Christmas party at one of their homes.  I thought that I decorated for Christmas with a flare and an over active imagination.  Although I didn’t do as much this year with my holiday decor I’m proud to say I still have ten Christmas trees up.  However, after going to my friend Carol’s house and feasting on the incredible way she’d transformed her home I decided I had failed.  The magical way she’d decorated every nook and cranny made me feel like a kid seeing Christmas for the first time!  Simply beautiful!  I was determined to come back home, drag out the sixty plus Santa, pull out the holiday dishes, string more lights and put Rudolph on the front porch.
      Of course this morning I sat down to the computer to begin that whole editing chore on my book.  Man!  Writing is fluid and exciting but this correction and improvement thing is work.  I’m still at it.  I’m only taking a break to refresh myself.  The sixty Santa?  Still packed.  Holiday dishes? Who knows? And Rudolph is still hiding in the upstairs closet with a box of unopened white lights.  Where are those magical elves when you need them?  

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