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Christmas Meets National Security!

The magic of Christmas quickly fades when the thought of taking decorations down, packing them  in dusty boxes then hauling it all to a secure location you have no intentions of visiting for another year.  I adore decorating for Christmas!  Taking it down–not so much.  There’s the whole duct tape thing you must do to the tree boxes, the tissue wrapping of glass ornaments that seemed like a good idea when they were hanging on the tree at Macy’s and the mist of glitter that coats everything once you’re done.  I finally found the magic bullet!
     Bullet is such a strong word of course.  But since I’m a writer and love thrillers bullet seemed appropriate.  I slipped into that invisible plot world I travel to so often in order to get the job of  disassembling Christmas decor completed.  If you haven’t tried this I promise it helps.  First I put on a music soundtrack from one of my action movies.  Before long I noticed I was rather enjoying the task at hand.  No matter that I felt like my work probably was directly related to national security.  (Keep in mind I’m a writer and prone to too much imagination.) Before the day was out, I’d not only saved the world but had all the Christmas decorations safely tucked into indestructible Rubbermaid containers.   The best part-I now have a plot for another book!  

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