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Roadblocks on the Writer’s Path

My plans to write creatively after Christmas got a little side tracked.  After helping my son and his family move to Oklahoma I surprised my mother with a birthday visit in St. Louis only to suffer the wrath of bad weather which froze me in place for a little longer than I’d anticipated.  So with no computer, my flash drive or writing notebooks I was forced to watch episodes of Judge Judy and Dr. Phil with my mother.  That wasn’t too bad except my father then thought a little bonding with him meant we watch the 10 Funniest Redneck videos along with Wipe Out.  After a while I envisioned my own brain scan revealing I now possessed almost firm jello swishing around in my head! Since the furnace roared into overdrive my body became listless and stuck to a recliner that angled toward the extremely loud television. Going to bed at 9:30 with a Tylenol PM and some Zen Meditation music got me to a good place.  My dad thought it pretty funny to offer me decaf in the mornings.  I reminded him that I could be really mean until I got that miracle cup of McDonald’s coffee.  More laughter.  

After arriving home I realized how quickly the first day of the class I’d agreed to teach was approaching.  Four days of writing outlines, downloading maps and files, trying to learn all the fancy computer programs I was expected to use, managed to push my characters of action packed fiction further out of the way.  I swear sometimes I can hear them say: “Seriously!  You’re leaving me dangling off a cliff?”  Two classes now out of the way and I’m confident to begin the writer’s way once more.

My editor sent me several more chapters to correct.  I had managed to catch up in spite of all the road blocks set before me.  Now I can swing into action on the next three or four.  My 2012 Writer’s Market seems to glare with contempt at me from the corner of my desk.  There are three writer magazines I haven’t finished and the 2012 Writer’s Agent and Publisher book hasn’t even been opened.  With the download of new music from a movie soundtrack I have been inspired to get back to those two novels I started several months ago only to be shoved aside for holidays.

I want to be a writer, not one of those people who like to think themselves as a writer.  

Inspiration is all around me; my aging parents, the little children in my life, my grown happy kids that constantly surprise me, my garden, and of course God.  There’s the surprise of a friend in Chicago that continues to motivate me to write with her own flowery words and deep, almost spiritual insights to writing.  The friend who told me about the book she’s writing because of a simple funny story I shared with her a year ago.  You never know the life you touch.  All these things navigate me toward being not only a writer but an author.  Having you read this blog is also encouraging.  I hope you will continue.  Knowing you’re there keeps me on the path of storytelling.

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