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So there they are; my latest writing helper books, balancing precariously on the edge of my desk.  Did I really position them in such a manner or have they taken on a life of their own because of the subject matter?  Forensics by D.P. Lyle, A Civilian’s Guide to the U.S. Military by Barbara Schading, On Writing Romance  Leigh Michaels and Armed and Dangerous, a Writer’s Guide to Weapons by Michael Newton  We all know as writers our characters aren’t just abstract stick people that end up on paper.  They are breathing, animated, real life creations that force us to procrastinate life’s mundane chores.  So instead of running the dust mop (and man do I need to!) I discover how to use a Smith and Wesson to subdue a terrorist while making eyes at that gorgeous homeland security captain as he skillfully covers up any evidence that we were ever there. 

Soon my first novel An Unlikely Hero will be ready to go!  I’ve begun the second novel in this series.  I’m compelled to pour over the books I’ve listed above before preparing for the class I must teach to college students on the Middle East.  So one more cup of coffee.  A little more editing. Okay, a few pages of outlines and ideas to enter into the notebook.  After all I can’t leave my two main characters barricaded in an undisclosed location protecting a wounded president and the prime minister of Israel.  I love the writer’s life!    

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