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Just received my copy of Kill Shot by Vince Flynn and Power Down by Ben Coes.  I’m thinking I won’t get much done this weekend with those two books sitting there begging me silently to get involved in the next terrorist plot to destroy the world as we know it.  Since I have a few deadlines to meet for writing a story, CSI-The Classroom, for my after school program, I need to think crime scene evidence, Ziploc bags, data sheets, receipts and compelling characters. Then there is the work ahead of me for the Fundamentals of World & Regional Geography class I teach at the junior college.  We begin the Middle East soon so I need to get my head on straight with all the information that must be covered.  This next week is just crazy busy with three different jobs, my mother’s heart surgery, a pregnant daughter coming home, a writer’s conference I want to attend and all the other things women do to maintain a home.  At this point I’d like to tell Vince Flynn’s main character, Mitch Rapp, something: “You need me to help you hunt down the evil of the world! I’m superwoman!”

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