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Edit the Words, not the Flowers

I failed as a writer today.  Outside the glorious sunshine swallowed me whole.  Making an excuse of needing milk (I don’t even drink milk) I dashed to Wal-Mart.  Forgetting the dairy aisle immediately, I pushed my cart toward the kiosks of calidiums, ferns and iris.  Grabbing the Asiatic lily bag as if it were the Holy Grail I found myself envisioning my spring flower beds as if were the next cover of Country Gardens.  Sunflower and morning glory seeds for the little ones in my life were snatched up along with the green beans and corn packets.  After all you can’t just eat flowers.  I toyed with loading my truck with manure and 40 pound bags of topsoil but then I remembered the milk.  With reluctance I forced myself to get the needed items along with some turkey for lunch.  
   When I arrived home my new Writer magazine lay on the kitchen counter.  Guilt.  My invisible muse started brow beating me. “Why haven’t you been writing? Get in there and edit! It’s too early to plant. Stop staring out the window.” To shut the muse up I read the magazine.  Now the garden looks more like work than a magazine cover.  Slowly I made my way to check FB and there was James Rollins, another favorite inspirational writer, talking about how much work he got done today on his book.  Sigh.  So I check my writer’s league and everyone there appears to be busy creating too.  
     The problem as I see it today is that my book is so near to completion that I will be forced to face the rejection monster soon.  Morning glories, pansies and Missouri primrose paints the world in such lovely colors.  The words, “we encourage you to keep writing,” doesn’t do much for me. But I’m going to forge on until late into the night to help save the day for my characters.  Editors and agents might reject me but I can envision my characters standing shoulder to shoulder, applauding my effort, saying, “way to go, great joy, thanks for saving my butt!” 
     So before I get started there are some flower roots I need to take to the garage.  

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