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The Beginning of the End of Ordinary

Today I turned a corner in my writing life.  I entered the Writer’s Digest Annual Writing contest with 3 diverse entries.  My friend Glenda kept telling me to do it.  “What are you afraid of? Geeze! You do crazy stuff all the time.  This is nothing!” My response to that was that traveling across a zip line and crashing into a lake with a pack on my back, then swimming to shore was easier.  Then I thought about that canoe trip in the Okavango Delta in Botswana with hippos and crocs nearby and I thought, “Yep, that wasn’t nearly as scary.” But in the end I squeaked under the deadline with my little stories. Now I feel so brave I’m going to find another contest.  It’s not like I’m ever going to meet these people face to face to hear them say “what were you thinking!” Inside I feel gratified that I have finally reached that milestone in my writing life that I could enter something in a contest.  With the encouragement of my dear friends, my beautiful daughter and my favorite cousin who is a poet, I now will be read by writers of magazines, publishing houses and universities.  Maybe there’s an agent out there looking for me. Maybe, just maybe this is the  beginning of the end of ordinary for me.

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