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The woody sound of bamboo wind chimes moving on midnight breezes should have lured me to sleep as I lay on the couch beneath open windows.  My sleeping porch usually works like magic, but not last night.  Thoughts stampeded my head like a herd of wild mustangs.  The garden chores made their efforts known in my lower back and legs.  Then I remembered I killed a spider on the end of the couch earlier in the day.  Were there more?  As my thoughts moved from cone flowers  to my furry companion that faces surgery then to deadlines and plots I worked myself up to being wide awake.  I knew the morning would bring a feeling of sluggish steps and too much coffee.  I finally dozed off and woke at 5a.m. knowing I’d soon have to hit the alarm. I hit cancel to rob the smart phone of its cruel and maddening ring tone.   The coffee didn’t know I’d be early so instead of waiting for the timer to take charge I just hit “on”.  

This will be a writing day.  I can feel it in my bones.  Perhaps that is why I couldn’t sleep.  The anticipation of another word adventure began to stir inside me.  Lost worlds.  Unresolved love relationships.  National security.  Rejection.  Horror.  Landscapes filled with possibilities pounds in my heart, the writer’s heart.  Moving in and out of reality with a laptop drives me forward. The simmer of powerful words that form new heart beats, new conflicts and plots push the sleepiness from my head and quickens my pulse.  Maybe its the coffee.  Maybe its the encouragement I received from a friend who reads this blog in North Carolina. Somehow I feel like tackling the writer’s life today.  

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