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Writing Conference: Be Prepared!

My writing conference this weekend will give me an opportunity to “pitch” my novel. Since I’ve never done this before I’ve had to do a little homework.  As a writer never assume you can humbug your way into a deal.  I looked up multiple sites that gave great suggestions about giving a pitch.  That exercise gave me the confidence I needed to write out and practice what I plan to say to the agent.  The second thing I did was proof read for the sixth time my first five chapters of the novel I wrote.  Since it had been a while fresh eyes caught a few little mistakes I quickly corrected.  After printing out the first five chapters my hope is that someone at the conference will be interested in taking a look.  All I have to do is hand it over. Reshaping my query letter concerning the novel also got a once over and tweaked a bit.  I’ll be leaving that with the agent for followup if interested or if I become one of the many blurs in their sessions with so many authors.  Another thing I’ve done on a whim is make a few postcards with the name of my novel on the front with a teaser sentence or two.  My email, blog and address are all there if somewhere over Chicago my agent pulls it out and says, “Hey, this looks interesting.  Who is this?”  (I know.  My mother still says to this day I’m a dreamer.)  

I won’t go into the shopping trip I made to Chicos, Pennys and Coldwater Creek to get that “first impression” outfit.  My biggest concern right now is that I won’t have pretty shoes to match the whole thing!  I guess, really if that is all I have to stress over I’ll do okay this weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer!

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