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Tierney James, Author

Lipstick & Danger – Showcases my work, updates on contests, events, and new releases.

Month: July 2012

Contests, Agents, Pinterest, Oh My!

Posted on Jul 24, 2012 by   No Comments Yet | Posted in Uncategorized

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by the amount of information I’ve accumulated in order to be a better writer.  Don’t get me started on the contests, agent queries, upcoming conferences and some other FAMOUS author on Facebook asking me to click “Like” so their sales will go up. Then there’s pinterest which suddenly has taken [..Read more]

An Unlikely Hero Vs. A Brain Tumor

Posted on Jul 16, 2012 by   No Comments Yet | Posted in Uncategorized

I’ve been busy working on my next book in the Enigma Series. It’s a slow go but that’s what happens when you over think a project. “What if…”  or “Can that even be done?” then there’s “What the heck am I doing!” All this occurs throughout the process of writing.  (Please, James Rollins and Vince [..Read more]


Posted on Jul 10, 2012 by   No Comments Yet | Posted in Uncategorized

I’ve been exploring another way to get my novel out.  Having been invited to pinterest I found a method to share my characters.  I created my main character’s home with before and after pictures.  There’s a shot of a bear coming after her children.  A raging forest fire shot is sure to make people wonder [..Read more]

Bows & Arrows + Automatic Weapons = Coffee

Posted on Jul 1, 2012 by   No Comments Yet | Posted in Uncategorized

I attacked dust bunnies, cobwebs and dull floors this week in respect for my children who will be visiting me in a day or so.  My writing suffered.  I could hear my characters arguing over the importance of such mundane chores compared to their shoring up national security or beating back the evil hordes of [..Read more]

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