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Bows & Arrows + Automatic Weapons = Coffee

I attacked dust bunnies, cobwebs and dull floors this week in respect for my children who will be visiting me in a day or so.  My writing suffered.  I could hear my characters arguing over the importance of such mundane chores compared to their shoring up national security or beating back the evil hordes of shadow people invading the land of Neptar.  I ignored their taunts and snide remarks.  Amused at their lack of control I had to remind them they’d be nothing without me so SHUT THE HECK UP!!  I can feel them sulking quietly, but for now they have left me in peace.  If you aren’t a writer you’ll probably be thinking I’m in need of some serious medication.  However at the recent writer’s conference I attended I spotted someone wearing a tee shirt that said, “Shh.  My characters are trying to talk to me.” That’s the way a writer rolls I guess.  So I’ll just stick to my medication of choice-COFFEE! (And lots of it.)  

The writer’s way didn’t get totally lost.  I managed to write a hurried 5 page synopsis for my novel, An Unlikely Hero, and send it off for a contest.  I squeaked under the wire again because I didn’t realize the impending deadline was the next day.  The judge offered to give me a couple of days grace but I passed.  Writers do some of their best work with a deadline cloud hanging over them.  I’d only found out about the contest that morning.  Fortunately I have organized my writing files so that flying by the seat of my pants from time to time doesn’t give me a brain hemorrhage. 

Some of my characters have begun to stir again, picking up bows and arrows to defend the King of Neptar.   The group of government agents have put on their earwigs after checking to see if they have extra clips for their automatic weapons.  They all stand restlessly but ready for my instructions.  Sometimes I fear the two groups of characters will stumble into the other’s world, unleashing a hellish scenario.  More coffee please!

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