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An Unlikely Hero Vs. A Brain Tumor

I’ve been busy working on my next book in the Enigma Series. It’s a slow go but that’s what happens when you over think a project. “What if…”  or “Can that even be done?” then there’s “What the heck am I doing!” All this occurs throughout the process of writing.  (Please, James Rollins and Vince Flynn tell me this is true.) 
     Then you run into an old friend who wants to know what you’re doing these days. Blah. Blah. Blah. But she’s excited about it.  Wants an autographed copy when An Unlikely Hero comes out.  I don’t sound thrilled because this person had just told me she had a brain tumor. A brain tumor! She even said she’d pray for me to be successful.  Oh my goodness.  I felt like such a jerk worrying about agents, publishers, Amazon.com, book jackets and writing conferences.  She’ll pray for me.  
     Maybe a brain tumor makes life come into focus. Maybe if my character had a brain tumor she’d get the heck out of Washington before she got into trouble with the wrong people.  Maybe she’d be able to see into the future or see clues others couldn’t.  Or maybe she’d have super powers to help Homeland Security fight terrorism.  She’d go on the Today Show before swinging over to whatever morning show would have her to warn the country of a solar flare that could generate a pulse, wiping out all electronic devices across the entire earth (except for hers, of course.  Some magnetic thing-a-bob in her tumor protects her… Wait a minute! If all electronic devices are useless who cares if hers works?  Who’s she going to call? Ghostbusters?) 
      Sorry.  Over thinking again.  Shouldn’t have had that ice tea at Dairy Queen.  It wasn’t decaf and it’s after midnight.  I better get back to my new novel.  Maybe I can figure out a way…  
      A brain tumor! 

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