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I suppose if I haven’t updated my blog in a while you know I’ve been hard at my writing. That is partially true.  I’ve also been editing my novel for the 6th or 7th time.  Just when I think it’s complete I go back over it and bam! there is more work I need to do.  But I think I’ve wrapped that little puppy up this time.  Maybe I’m just tired of seeing it.

The agent I pitched to wasn’t interested nor were several other agencies I sent queries.  I wasn’t discouraged.  That seems to be part of the strengthening exercises you must endure to be a writer.  However, after attending a writer’s conference, and joining 3 writer groups I now know that I have almost no chance of getting published through traditional channels.  A marvelous writer who has published 60 books recently told me to forget it.  She has gotten back her rights and is going it alone through self-publishing. She encouraged me to do the same.  So I looked into it and am pleasantly surprised.  I really don’t need an agent.

My second book in the Enigma series is coming along.  You know how it is, you fumble in the dark looking for the light switch and then suddenly you feel it and flip it to the on position.  Blessed light!  You can see your way clearly.  That’s the experience I’m feeling in writing this new novel.  In the first book I not only needed a story but had to invent the characters.  My characters are along for the ride this time although they are becoming more familiar and dear to me.

Sorry it’s taken me so long to post.  I really have been writing!

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