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Close Encounters

Yesterday I encountered a couple of people that sparked my imagination.  They were working so intensely my presence was never realized.  Wearing common clothing, a little dirty from their labor, simple head coverings and determined expressions made them look like something from an old west painting.  I watched from afar, noting the occasional smile and cooperation they shared in completing the task.  Stopping only for a drink of water they toiled all day without complaint.  I could tell they were proud of their work as they occasionally stood back to examine their progress.  Whatever made them so happy even though the work was hard and from time to time had to be redone, they seemed to stand taller at day’s end knowing their job pleased someone other than themselves.  

Watching them a story began to spin out of control in my head.  All day and all night the characters took on life.  I even wrote a few ideas down in case I forgot about them six months from now.  However, today the story grew teeth and began gnawing at me.  I even felt myself twitch a time or two like something was poking me into action for these characters.  Now I must write. Those characters need to be birthed, nurtured and developed until they have a life of their own.  Hopefully I’ll be able to stand back, like the two workers, and admire my work knowing that my story pleased someone other than myself.  

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