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Pick Me! Pick Me!

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Tonight is the night when one of my favorite authors chooses a number of fans and puts in a personal call to them. Of course I entered my name and number.  I went over the list of his books I’ve read (ALL OF THEM) to pick out the one I’d want to discuss.  Like a pathetic groupie I felt myself wanting to stutter just thinking about answering the phone and his voice saying “Hello”.  I haven’t looked to see how many have entered their names and numbers.  Surely my name will swim to the top.  Ha!  Good thing I’m over confident. If he does happen to call I’m going to run out and buy a lottery ticket too!

One more thing! Give Missy Frye’s story Miltonia Butterflies a look. It becomes available on Smash Words October 21 for Kindle and your computer.  The wonderful thing is that she will donate the first week’s proceeds to the USO! How great is that?  She is a lovely person and working hard at being a writer.  I’m so proud to know her.

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