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The Gift

I finally have a chance to sit down and soak in the beauty of the Christmas season.  My trees and home are decorated, shopping completed (thanks to Amazon) and gifts are wrapped under the trees.  Yes trees! I have 7.  Of course only 3 of them are completely decorated.  Martha Stewart would be proud.  The other four have white lights and look beautifully simple.  

Then there is my manuscript which has been proofed AGAIN and shipped.  Waiting for the sample book is like waiting to open that Christmas present under the tree that you know belongs to you.  It’s dressed in sparkly paper with that wide ribbon that makes it stand out from all the others.  The name on the front says it belongs to me but somehow it just seems too good to be true.  I know when I open it I’ll feel my heart speed up and a giddy gasp escape my mouth.  To touch the binding, thumb through the pages, read the Library of Congress number will be like savoring my favorite dessert.  

Christmas stockings, books, music, the laughter of children and the warmth of family and friends fills my home this time of year.  Each element is like a new story waiting to be told.
Of course the best story of all, because it was the first story is that of a little baby being brought into the world in Bethlehem.  That small infant has affected my entire life and driven me forward to this place in time.  I owe my life, my talent, my dreams to that child.  I am so grateful for Him.

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