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When my novel (the proof) came in the mail last week I felt like dancing a jig! I just couldn’t believe it.  I’ve been waiting for this since I was ten years old.  Even before I looked out the window I heard the UPS truck in my driveway.  I knew the Brown Knight carried the prize that would make the kingdom in my head shine eternally.  Okay that was a little over the top.  But I did carry it around like the secret of the launch codes might be inside.  I loved the feel of it.  The flip of the pages sounded like music.  Did I really write all those words?

Then reality threw a wet blanket on me.  It’s my job to AGAIN read the novel to make sure it looks and feels the way it should for publication.  This is my tenth time to read it.  I’m here to tell you by now I feel like helping the terrorists pick off my main characters to help me out of this tedious exercise.  I know my characters, plot, ins and outs of the the entire story so well I’m sure I’ll miss something important that should be edited out or replaced with something better.  Sometimes I can hear myself saying, “Well, duh, what did you think would happen when he took you to his apartment? You watched him kill people.  Hello!”

So in a few days I’m going to post a section of the book.  Remember to look for it next month on Amazon.  An Unlikely Hero by Tierney James!  

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