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I’m not sure why we say “Happy New Year” when what we mean is “Happy Expectations.” We don’t actually know it will be happy, sad or filled with a mix of both.  What we do anticipate is the promise of something different, new and maybe a change for the better.  It’s a reset button for our life.  Out with the old-in with the new! 

My life will most certainly be a new journey.  My novel is set to come out in a little over a month.  I’m ready to jump in to promoting myself, my book and my future works.  I’ve looked forward to doing this since I was a little girl.  Now I’ve finally got the courage to do it.  There is a list of some 25-30 websites I’m going to tackle to get my name out there.  There’s Linkedin, Twitter, a new Facebook page, website and library contacts I’ll need to invest in for name recognition.  It’s okay! I’m game.

Then there is that small device I received for Christmas called a Kindle Fire! Whew! That little monster is quite the deal.  Sometimes I feel like all these electronic gadgets are controlling my life.  There’s the smart phone, the tablet, the Kindle, computer, MP3 player and well you get my point.  If you don’t keep up you’ll be left behind in the Stone Age! I look at my dear father who tries to manage his computer. The other day he ask me how to text on his land line. He thought that might be fun.  My nieces beg me not to let him join Facebook.  He says he only wants to see what everyone is doing.  That is the reason my nieces don’t want him on there.  I haven’t caved yet.  My point being I don’t want to get left behind like my precious father, shaking my head and throwing up my hands when Yahoo changes their format.

Good health and spiritual awakening will guide me this year.  I’m not going to join a gym or  follow the Dalai Lama around.  However, eating right, walking, improving my garden, prayers for loved ones and guidance from Proverbs will guide my soul through the months ahead.  And of course there is the NOVEL.  That will also give me happiness.  Soon I will post a snippet for you.  Until then do have a HAPPY EXPECTATION!

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