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Tierney James, Author

Lipstick & Danger – Showcases my work, updates on contests, events, and new releases.

Month: February 2013

Proof of Life!

Posted on Feb 26, 2013 by   No Comments Yet | Posted in Uncategorized

I keep checking to see if that final “proof” of An Unlikely Hero has arrived. The feeling of being tethered to some invisible object keeps my anxiety too restrained.  Maybe it will never happen.  Maybe there really isn’t a novel.  Maybe all that work was only a creation in my imagination, not  anything someone could [..Read more]

Another Taste of An Unlikely Hero

Posted on Feb 15, 2013 by   No Comments Yet | Posted in Uncategorized

End of Chapter 9 in AN UNLIKELY HERO The old man took a beating pretty good, Essid had to admit.  He even spit on one of the interrogators, Jamaal, at one point.  It wasn’t until Essid opened his laptop and sat it in front of Jericho Crawley, that he saw pain and fear in his [..Read more]

An Unlikely Hero by Tierney James

Posted on Feb 2, 2013 by   No Comments Yet | Posted in Uncategorized

So here is the first few pages of my new novel.  You’ll be able to find it on Amazon in about a month.  I’ll keep you posted about the release date.  It will also be on ebooks for those of you who love your Kindle. An Unlikely Hero Chapter One             Sticky from the late [..Read more]

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