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New Direction

I’m considering branching out in a new direction. My love of writing, teaching and traveling should be shared. The home school market is booming.  However I find that parents often struggle with what approach to use with their children when they need to stimulate their young students.  Having written thematic books several years ago I would very much like to begin holding workshops for these parents.  I want them to be as excited about learning as they dream their children will be. Let me know if you have a need.

Then there is public speaking: I find that I really enjoy doing that.  Last week I spoke about writing to Friends of the Library.  Social Media can be so impersonal at times.  Give me a warm body and a pulse any day! I love the interaction, the questions and making new friends.  So I’ve decided to put myself out there for community groups, schools, churches and libraries when needed. 

One thing I struggle with is keeping up with Social Media.  I’m thinking about pulling back on that one.  It really cuts into my writing time.  I know all the writing magazines, books and author groups say I need to do it but I feel overwhelmed with all the tweets…I know you understand.

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