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What refreshes you as a writer? Sometimes we get so bogged down with the art of creating that it becomes a chore rather than a therapeutic pleasure. I’m sure this is also true for artists, musicians, crafters, actors and the list goes on to eternity. Then life is allowed to get in the way of our creative juices because we’re in a rut. That pile of laundry begins to look pretty enticing along with trying all those recipes you’ve been cramming into some stained cookbook you can’t even find. Those dust bunnies under the bed start to take on a life of their own so you commit to creating a Stepford-Wife-Household. Then you start to wear that designer apron Aunt Cindy made for you at Christmas.

I’m starting to scare myself so I’m going to just give you a list of some of things I do to pump myself up. Just this weekend my daughter showed me a video that has gotten over a million hits. It made me laugh. I’ve probably watched it five times as of today. What happened to me was I started to get all these story ideas. My heartbeat increased to the point I felt like dancing to the music. I realized how happy it made me feel. It was unexpected but welcomed. After my company left I sat down and started writing like crazy. My head was clear and nothing seemed to get in the way.

Here is a list of some of the other things I love to do to help me get my writer’s head in place.

1. I have a couple of movies I watch over and over. They go along with the genre I love to write so that usually is all I need to feel like a romantic action character.

2. Read a book. If I take time to read at least 30 minutes every day then new words float in my head. It also teaches me a great deal about writing. What is it about this author’s story that makes it so compelling? James Rollins wrote the Judas Strain several years ago. His style shoved me into writing full time.

3.  Music! Since I was a little girl I saw stories when I listened to music. My parents loved country music but because I studied piano I loved Tchaikovsky. They just shook their head in dismay. I could see people or animals running, escaping, dancing and living! I listen to music when I write. Sometimes I just sit and listen to soundtracks to help me see my characters and what they’re up to.

4. Meet friends for coffee.

5. Go to a bookstore and look at all the magazines I can’t afford to buy. Don’t forget the latte.

6.  Writing conferences and writing group meetings. Being with other writers is like a shot in the arm.

7.  Volunteer to read to younger children at your school library or in a classroom. They want to hear about writing and who better to tell them than you. I always come away refreshed.

8.  Learn something new. I’m taking Hebrew lessons. It makes me feel empowered to help one of my characters that is a Biblical archaeologist.

9. Paper & Notebooks: I love these. Just finding a new paper outlet makes me tingle. Last Christmas my niece bought me a notebook that had been made from an old book about Robert E. Lee. She said it was for my words.

10. Pinterest: I find this an amazing place to figure out what my characters look like, where they live, the kind of clothes they wear and bits about what is happening to them. People who follow you will enjoy this as well.

Tell me about what you do to keep those dust bunnies where they belong-under the bed!

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  1. Right now I'm contemplating moving in with the dust bunnies. I am not finding inspiration in any way shape or form. I think I need a vacation.

  2. Good morning! Oh those dust bunnies. I just slip them lettuce from my salad and they're content. Most of the items on your list are also on mine. My laptop is loaded with varying types of music from Bach to Ella James to Willie Nelson and Conway Twitty. Whatever fits my story at the moment.

    The only other thing I do is I get with my sprinting buddies on YIM. Nothing kicks you into gear faster than having others to write with… and in a set amount of time. We usually sprint write for 30 min with 10-15 min breaks. This also encourages us to get up and stretch, find a snack, etc. So we are healthy writers.

    You're welcome to join us! Creative Blessings

  3. Glancing around my house, it's obvious I haven't taken the Stepford Wife route! I've found plenty of other ways to avoid writing, though. Like reading my friends' blog posts. đŸ˜‰

  4. I'm with Sharon on not taking the Stepford Wife route. I peruse the internet to procrastinate. Things that get me back into the writing swing are reading books and listening to music. Also talking to my hubby about my WIP tends to make me want to jump back in the writing saddle.

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