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Everyone thinks I’m mild-mannered. Some even believe I have Zen-like qualities that make me a good listener, counselor and wise confidant. I’m apparently soft spoken and slow to anger. All these things by any other name is called “Doormat”.

You heard me. Doormat. I’ve reached the age when things irritate me. My Incredible Hulk moment is when the computer freezes up or just takes on a life of its own. (NSA if you’re reading this “thanks a bunch.”) But I understand that technology has it’s many gifts that make our life better, easier and even more creative. So I get over it and declare I couldn’t live without my computer.

What I don’t understand is the drive through at McDonalds. If we can put a man on the moon why can’t we teach people how to go through this one little thing to get their Carmel Latte? Why do people continuously line jump? I like their ice tea and coffee. I’d even say it was very good. But never have I thought they’d run out before I got there, forcing me to speed up my car and swerve in front of the next car to move forward and place an order. Wouldn’t you think if they were that stressed out about getting a coffee or Dr. Pepper there may be an issue with too much caffeine? Yet over the last month this rude behavior has occurred right before my eyes. Each time I tooted my horn to show displeasure and each time I was called a female dog. Not very Zen.

One lady actually got out of her car and walked over to me to explain. She said she had to cut in line so someone could back out of their parking spot. I explained to her that was no reason to get in front of people who had been waiting patiently for their turn to get “McDonald-Manna-from-Heaven”. (I didn’t actually call it that.) She proceeded to say: “Well I guess you’re a female dog then aren’t you?”

     “No. I’m the fashion police and because of the outfit you’re wearing I’m going to have to give you a ticket.”
     The truth is I didn’t say that. I didn’t think of it until she drove off in a huff. What I said was “Oh yeah?”
     So a young man did it today. I was clearly ready to pull in and make an order. He swerved in front of me. I tooted the horn. Then the female dog comment. I sighed. So I’ve come up with a much calmer, realistic way to cope with rude people in the drive through at McDs. I’m going to get a cloth toy that looks like a truck or car. When someone cuts me off I’m taking a picture of them. I’ll fasten it to the toy. Then I’ll shove straight pins in the tires. I’m smiling just thinking about it. No more tooting the horn. No more female dog comments. No more rush to get my Carmel Latte with whole milk. It’s all good. I can be Zen again with a little Voodoo attitude.

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  1. I usually have pleasant experiences at McDonalds. I've even had people ahead of me pay for my order. (I, of course, pay it forward by paying for the person behind me). Though, the past couple of weeks I've received some nastiness from people on scooters. I wasn't called a female dog, but was given the bird twice. Strange, rude behavior. I love your idea of dealing with it though =)

  2. Wow. Sounds like you've encountered more than your share of rude behavior lately. That would have me reaching for the voodoo pins, too. I once made a dartboard from a photo of a college roommate. Same principle, right?

  3. Your patience is so admirable! That's never happened to me–but I'm sure it will at some point! People are incredibly rude and think they can fluff it off by insulting someone. They're the worst example of feeling 'entitled.'

  4. Rude people are amazing aren't they? It's amazing how important some people think they are. I applaud your solution. No need to stress over someone else's bad manners.

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