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The Beginning of the End

This weekend I finished the first draft of Winds of Deception. Now the hard work begins. Edit. Correct. Reread. Edit. Correct. Reread. I know if you’re a writer this is all too familiar. I do a lot of work before I ever send it to an editor. She’ll knock me off my high horse so I can start the cycle all over again. Truthfully I really don’t dread that process because ultimately the manuscript will be much better.  What I get weepy over is letting my characters go.

I get pretty involved in their lives. When they hurt I hurt. If danger follows them I do my best to warn them if I can’t prevent the explosion, flood, fire, terrorist… Get the drift? The other day I signed my check with the main character’s name! Those wonderful characters disappear after you write The End. Maybe that’s why I decided to write a series along with other projects I’m involved in. I’ve actually mapped out five books where those characters will continue to interact and keep me awake at nights trying to save them from a catastrophe. So in the meantime I try to keep my projects alive by doing a few things that keep them interesting.

Pinterest: I’ve created boards for my projects such as An Unlikely Hero and Winds of Deception. There is a movie board that shows what actor I want to play each part if that guy in New York really meant he’d produce it if I’d just write the screenplay. There’s also a few boards with pictures and snips from the book for a good tease. 

Research: Just what kind of trouble can I get them into next time and how will I fix it? 

Speaking Engagements: If people want to hear about your work, talk, talk, talk! Social media is great but for me there is nothing like a room full of warm bodies to enlighten them about my characters and where they came from inside me.

You can see my boards at pinterest.com/ptierneyjames/boards/

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  1. I imagine it would be hard to let go of characters. I haven't had to do that yet. And I may not need to anytime soon since my book could be the basis for a long series.

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