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I always feel a certain amount of excitement when I embark on a new project, especially one that is out of my comfort zone. This new one is a book about adoption. It’s still a work of fiction but there is some real life lessons and facts I need to address before I get started. So what do you do when you research for a new book? Any advice for me? Here are a few things I plan to do while I’m planning out this new adventure into writing.

1. Try to be accepted onto Facebook that addresses the area in which I will be writing about.

2. Read testimonials of people with the experiences I hope to cover.

3. Interview people.

4. Have several people read over my initial outlines and chapters who have an idea of the scope of the project.

5. Since I’m writing about foreign adoptions I’ll need to make sure I’m politically correct. Some groups take offense at Americans adopting their children. I wouldn’t want to endanger future adoptive parents from bringing home a child.

6. My book will be for middle school students. I’m hoping to enlist students that have experienced the adoption process to guide me in their feelings, over all impressions and where I may need to
work out the bugs. 

That’s a start. I would love to have your input into this project. Do you know groups I should contact? Are you an adoptive parent or a child that has been adopted? What angle would you like to see a book like this take? This is totally new territory for me. Since it hits really close to home I need to write this.

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  1. Sounds like a great project! We have a few adopted kiddos in our family, both American born and foreign. It is a complicated process, but absolutely worth every moment. Wishing you all the best with this effort!

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