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The Notebook – Not the Movie

Last week I told you about how important it is to
start a marketing plan in advance of your book release. This week I’ve got my
notebook organized and full of information that is all in one place. Some of
the material came from author friends such as Beth Carter and Lisa Medley.
Another helpful person that gave me tons of information was Dianna Graveman
with 2 Rivers Communications & Design. She puts on terrific workshops on
this kind of thing.  Two other resources
are Savvy Authors and The Publicity Hound. I recently took a webinar with The
Publicity Hound. They provided a great deal of follow up information. The
categories in my notebook are listed below. Yours probably will look different.
I added more today.
1.      Social
Media Calendar & Plan
2.      Launch
Party & Ideas
3.      Venues (to sell or showcase my work)
4.      My
Street Team
5.      Book
Marketing Resources
6.      Book
7.      How
to Write a Review on Amazon
8.      Friendly
publishers (when I say this I mean those that want new work or interested in
9.      Promotional
Flyers & Brochures
10.  Business
Cards (other authors & services)
11.  Press
12.  Book
Description & Blurbs
In each section there is a variety of helpful
information designed for me. There will be sample letters, lists, ideas, books
and feedback where I feel it is appropriate. Design this notebook with your
needs in the forefront. I expect that I will be adding and subtracting as time
moves forward. I would love to hear about your ideas. I know I’ve forgotten
something important. (Like Pinterest!)

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