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past weekend I took a blogging workshop led by Lindsey Bell. Her blog is called
Faith & Family. Whether you are
thinking about starting a blog or have been writing one for a while, there are
important ways to make sure you keep your focus. This will let your readers
know that from the start your blog is worth the effort of revisiting more than
once. These are some suggestions that Lindsey gave us at the Call to Write
*Write a
mission statement for your blog. My mission statement is right under the name
of my blog.
should be between 300-600 words.
using a catchy format, use pictures, bullets, even contests.
using clever headlines.
other social media outlets to spread the word about your posts.
*Try to
guest post when possible. Then return the favor.
suggested by linking to quality content within your posts, readers will be
encouraged to know that your blog is not just another pretty face.
with other bloggers.
something to your followers that will bring them back for more; recipes,
contests, games, coupons, advice.
post was 207 words. You don’t have to write War
& Peace
to have a meaningful blog.

Helpful sites on blogging:

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  1. Thanks, Tierney. It's nice to know what I should be doing with my blog. I love the tip about making posts 300-600 words long. We're all so busy these days, we don't have time to read a whole volume.

  2. I agree with every one of her suggestions! Great job and thanks for passing this along. Your blog looks fantastic!

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