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VJ Schultz
invited me to participate in a continuing blog tour. Thanks, VJ! Her latest
book is a collection of romance short stories, UNDERCOVER LOVE & OTHER
TALES. A member of Sisters in Crime, VJ is also a founding member of
Sleuths’ Ink, a mystery and suspense writing group. Find her http://verasversion.blogspot.com for more interesting tidbits.
A Little Bit Different
     When Tierney’s daughter headed out the
door for college she made her mother promise that she’d finally put her
exaggerated stories to pen. With a tear and a wave goodbye, Tierney decided to
do just that. Granted it took a few years to convince herself she was up for the
job.  All the while she filled notebooks
with story lines, plots, descriptions and “what ifs” to get her on the writer’s
What gave you the courage to finally
jump in and do this novel?
I met another writer several years
ago that had already published a couple of books.  She suggested we get together each month and
share our work.  Needless to say I was
terrified.  The only people who had ever
read my work were teachers grading the assignment I gave them.  They weren’t always encouraging in high school
and college. Just because you have an over active imagination doesn’t mean you
have talent.  Susie said the magic words,
“My goodness you’re a writer!” That’s really all I needed in order to take the
next step.  I started reading articles on
how to be a better writer, going to conferences and attending writing groups
that nurtured me along.
Was there something that inspired you
to choose these characters or setting in An Unlikely Hero?
I lived in Northern California for a
while. I was constantly being mistaken for a woman named Melanie. Even when I
applied for a driver’s license I got questioned about who I really was and
where I’d been living.  So I became
Melanie in my head and created a life for her that took on a whole new
dimension.  In the book when her name
comes up you’ll know she comes from a real life experience.  As my main character gets snared into a
secret world she takes on the name of Melanie.  
Can you tell me how you write? Is
there something that gets the imagination in overdrive or inspires you to
buckle down at your computer?
I play music from movie
soundtracks.  I find other music that is
packed with emotion and intrigue then make sure it is playing constantly when I
write.  In my head the words become a
movie.  I even had a contest judge once
tell me after reading An Unlikely Hero that it read like a movie of the
week.  The first time my editor went
through it she said something similar. Even when I read I envision  a movie, so that is the way I write.    
I understand you were once a Solar
System Ambassador for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. Have you always been
interested in space science?
The teacher who got me interested in
writing also turned me on to the space programs at NASA.  She’d bring in a radio (no television or
Smart Boards in the classroom back then) so we could listen to news reports
about a space launch.  I was the only little
girl that went to that learning center. 
When Sally Ride went into space I could hardly contain myself.  As a teacher I promised myself when Christa
McAuliffe died on the Challenger I’d not let her dream die.  When the Columbia went down I was preparing
to go to Space Camp for Educators.  The
experience made me feel so honored to have the opportunity to bring new insight
and leaning to my classroom. 
Applications opened up for a Solar System Ambassador. My administrators
supported me in my endeavors and I was able to serve for nearly three years. And
yes, I also applied to become a teacher astronaut.
One of my characters in An
Unlikely Hero
is a former astronaut. I just had to get NASA in there
What advice would you give to writers
who feel they have a story to tell but not sure how to get started? 
Get involved in writing and critique
groups. Their advice and encouragement is the best thing you can do for
yourself.  Go to writing conferences and
meet other writers.  I’ve found them to
be terrific new friends.  The most
important thing is to write something every day.
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Christine Wall  http://christinewall.blogspot.ca/   or   
Twitter @chrstnwll.
Growing up, watching Saturday
matinees filled with science fiction, adventure and fantasy led Christine to
invent sweeping universes full romance, mystery and the paranormal.  Born in Winnipeg, Canada, Christine is an
author, screenwriter and actress in her current hometown of Toronto, Canada.
Her love of storytelling has led her to Hollywood with her success in
screenplay contests and a decent ranking in the Nicholl Fellowships(Oscars)
Tim Desmond was
raised in Madera, California. He attended, on scholarship, California College
of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, CA. Later, after graduating from California
State University Fresno with a BA degree in Zoology, he earned his Teaching
Credential. While writing since the college years, he taught biology, chemistry
and physics for thirty-six years before retiring. He has written two novels,
one in 2005 is a World War II flashback For Thou Art With Me and in 2010
the conspiracy thriller ebook version The Doc.

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  1. What experiences you've had. Just fantastic. You must have dozens of plot and character options swimming around in your head!! Interesting about your 'doppleganger.' LOL. That must have set you aback. Barb Bettis

  2. It is so wonderful that you pursued your dreams. Life has many amazing turns and your background is so rich to mine for your stories. How exciting to be a part of NASA! Delightful!

  3. Wow Tierney! I think I know the Melanie you're talking about! Her last name begins with a G. Very cool! Great to have an alter ego! Great blog

  4. I love finding out new things about my writing friends. NASA? Really? WOW! T, you never cease to amaze me. Such a lovely, talented lady. Blessings ~Angela

  5. Hi Tierney. Consider me a fan. I loved An Unlikely Hero. Can't wait for the next installment. I've made the best friends ever from writing groups.

  6. Nice to meet you, Tierney. Good Luck and much success to you. I've seen every single movie that you mentioned on the side of your blog. We must have similar tastes in movies, now I'm off to check out your book.

    1. I do love an action packed movie, probably more than my husband. I used to come home from my job after working with troubled teens & watch Lethal Weapon to relax.

  7. I tried to comment twice yesterday and it didn't go through. I'm totally amazed by your NASA experience and your world travels. You will have a wealth of info for novels forever! I enjoy our friendship.

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