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Denim & Diamonds by Lori Robinett

     It is my honor to introduce to you a
fellow writer, Lori Robinett. We first met at the Ozark Romance Authors Writing
Conference several years ago. After running into each other at several other
conferences we decided to keep in touch.
Denim & Diamonds
is Lori Robinett’s first novel and will be published by Cary Press  July 1. You can preorder today. It combines
her love of writing with her real world experience as a paralegal. She lives on
a small hobby farm in Callaway County, Missouri with her husband of twenty
years, along with a menagerie of miniature horses, dogs and cats.
     Though she dreamed of being a writer since
she was ten, it wasn’t until she discovered National Novel Writing Month in
2004 that she learned the joys of writing those two magical words: The End. She
is an eight time winner of NaNoWriMo and has served as Municipal Liaison for
the Fulton, Missouri region. She has been interviewed for newspaper articles
and television news features for her accomplishments with NaNo, including
leading her region to multiple Top 10 finishes.
     Lori is a member of Book-In-A-Week, the
Callaway County Writers Group and the Columbia Chapter of the Missouri Writers
Guild. Lori has had articles published in Secrets and Strategies, Writing for
Dollars!, WordBeats, and the Heritage Writer. She’s also short stories appear
in The Storyteller Magazine, Bridges
(Callaway County Writers Group anthology), and Well Versed 2014.
     Thank you, Lori for joining me today. I’m excited to ask you a few questions so I’ll just jump right in.
How long have you been in the
business of writing?
Though I’ve
written all my life, I didn’t start taking it seriously until my best friend
died in 2003 at the age of 34. I suddenly realized that tomorrow isn’t a
promise and today is a present. I’ve been really serious for the past several
years, after finding my critique group.
What kind of books do you write?
and some women’s fiction. Most include some sort of legal issue, and draw upon
my decades of experience as a paralegal.
Tell the readers about books.
My first
book is coming out in July. Denim &
is about a young woman who is given the opportunity to start over.
Attorney Beth Jameson might know her way around the courtroom, but doesn’t know
a cutting horse from a carousel horse. That doesn’t slow her down when her
estranged father dies and leaves her his horse ranch just south of Kansas City.
True to form, the gift comes with strings attached – she has to be successful
in her first year, or she loses her inheritance. All of it. Beau, the handsome
ranch foreman, was her father’s right hand man, but she must convince him that
she’s in it for the long haul – that she isn’t just some city girl that doesn’t
respect her father’s legacy. She has to learn the business from the ground up,
and must learn to trust others – not an easy thing for a woman who was
abandoned by her father and then by her ex-fiancé. Beth can’t believe how
quickly the ranch becomes home, and how hard she is willing to work to make it
hers . . . and learns that everyone deserves a second chance at happiness.
I’m also
working on a mystery novel entitled Widow’s Web that is being considered for
the new Lobster Cove series with The Wild Rose Press.
What has been your most rewarding
experience in your writing career?
those magical words THE END on my very first novel. I wrote the last 31 pages
in a one day frenzy and had tears streaming down my face as I watched the words
flow onto the page.
I understand you have branched out
into more creative endeavors. Can you tell us about that?
I also love
scrapbooking, and was selected to serve on a design team for The Paper Trail
(which is now defunct, unfortunately). I also create jewelry and have an Etsy
shop that features jewelry that incorporates print from vintage books. The
store is JewelsNJournals – feel free to stop in and browse!
What does the future hold for you?
more writing. With two projects currently nearing publication, I hope to be
able to get back to Diamond in the Rough, the second story in the Diamond Ranch
What advice would you give to new
writers actively seeking publishing help
Find a
quality critique group. Meet regularly. Submit regularly. Critique regularly.
And don’t get your feelings hurt – the group is there to help you grow. And
continue to study your craft. If you want to write but haven’t actually
finished a rough draft yet, do National Novel Writing Month. Lots of people SAY
they want to write a novel. NaNoWriMo helps you DO it.
To learn
more about Lori, stop by her website at
Denim &
Diamonds is now available for preorder at:

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  1. Hi Lori. Good to meet you here on a fellow ORA author's blog. Best of luck on your debut novel. The blurb sounds great! Barb Bettis

  2. Hi Lori,
    Your book sounds like a great read. I love the author bio on you. It intrigues me to want to know more. Good luck with your debut.

  3. Congrats, Lori. Like you, I've also started writing a little later in life. You're right, we are not promised tomorrow. Might as well make the best of today.

  4. Hey lady! First, thanks for Miss T for having you as a guest. I can't wait to read the book. I've been with you since the beginning. Will have to check out your jewelry. Hugs and Blessings ~ Angela

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