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The Big Easy Tour

I’m not sure who came up with the title The Big Easy Blog Tour but welcome!
Shirley McCann, an author from Black Opal Books, invited me to participate in
this tour, so be sure to check her website out to see what she is up to these
days. I think you are going to enjoy her work. Then at the end of this blog
posting you’ll find several other authors that will be on the tour June 16th.
Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details
action thrillers is my first love. However I also write fantasy YA and
children’s books. Join me as I answer the following questions about “what makes
me tick.”
What am I
working on?
any one time I have about three projects in various stages of development. Just
this week I finished the edits of Winds
of Deception,
the sequel to An
Unlikely Hero.
These two novels begin the Enigma Series with characters
Tessa Scott and Captain Chase Hunter. The third book is set in northern
Afghanistan with a working title of Rooftop
  This novel is nearing
completion with rewrites and edits to follow. 
I signed with Black Opal Books this spring for a novel I wrote about the
mining industry in the Ozarks. Where my Enigma Series is considered action
thrillers, The Rescued Heart
is romantic suspense. Geopolitical conflict fuels my stories. To relieve a
little stress of writing about mine explosions, terrorist plots and kidnapped
orphans, I write children’s books.
How does my work
differ from others of its genre?
of the time people envision men writing thrillers. Men are the protagonist and
without his help all would be lost. My protagonist is an ordinary woman who
bakes chocolate chip cookies, married with three kids and teaches junior high
school.  Yet because of her tenacity she
becomes the most unlikely of heroes. I believe that there is something deep inside
all of us that enables the ordinary to reach down deep inside to make a
difference when the situation demands it. In everything I write, I search for that
trait in my characters.  Heroes are
literally all around us. Sometimes they look like us.
Why do I write
what I do?
the time I was a little girl I loved adventure movies, music and television
programs. My parents often said, “What’s wrong with you?”  I was the only little girl sitting in the
corner with the boys listening to progress of astronauts in space. My friends
ordered books about horses and boys while I got the History of WWII and John F.
Kennedy’s PT-109. My dreams of adventure 
bubbled inside me until stories just spilled out onto paper. I love the
quickened pulse, the nervous anticipation of rescue and of course, the larger
than life characters that save the day.
How does my
writing process work?
of coffee! Music. Surround myself with the things I love. My office is actually
my living room. My $85 desk I purchased at an antique story is chipped and
scuffed, just like my stories. When I’m in the writing mode I set a goal of
1500-2000 words. Sometimes that takes all day and other times a few hours. I
keep a notebook for each novel with notes, character sketches and research to
keep me focused. This really helps me treat writer’s block like a pesky speed
bump so I don’t waste too much time.  For
me it is important to do something connected with writing each day. Sometimes
that is rewrites or edits. When you’re in love with words it doesn’t matter as
long as you can write.
can “like” me on my author page: http://www.facebook.com/TierneyJamesAction
me on Twitter:  https://www.twitter.com/TierneyJames1
my books on Amazon: An Unlikely Hero – Adult Thriller
There’s a Superhero in the Library – Children’s
Zombie Meatloaf – Children’s
Coming soon from
Black Opal Books – The Rescued Heart
meet Lori Robinett:
 Lori is a member of Book-In-A-Week, the
Callaway County Writers Group and the Columbia Chapter of the Missouri Writers
Guild. Lori has had articles published in Secrets and Strategies, Writing for
Dollars!, WordBeats, and the Heritage Writer. She’s also short stories appear
in The Storyteller Magazine, Bridges
(Callaway County Writers Group anthology), and Well Versed 2014http://www.lorilrobinett.com
relatively new author is Willy Robbins.
Robbins, is aspiring to write children’s books. Each of her books
will support children in their quest to solve problems they may face when their
imaginations run wild. Her love for reading began at a young age, and as a
teacher she continues to spread the joys of reading to her students. After
hearing the true encounter of a young man who thought there was a troll in his
closet, she was compelled to write In My Closet.  Find her on June 16th at this
blog address. Willyrobbins34.blogspot.com
week you can also meet Carrie Zimmerman,
also with Black Opal Books.
Married for almost 13 years to her very own romance
hero, Carrie spends most of her days writing while their three children are at
school. Nights and weekends are spent watching the kids play soccer and summers
are spent vacationing at the beach and playing outside. She is so grateful to
be doing something she loves that also allows her to spend time with her family
whenever she can. You can reach Carrie on Facebook, Twitter, or through email –
carrie@carriezimmerman.com. Blog link – www.thebookgirl.net

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  1. I love how you make ordinary characters heroes. Your varied interests help you to always have stories at the ready, I'd imagine. Nice that you keep a notebook for each novel. Wish I were that organized.

    1. Chuck, you are so right. Being an action hero simply means "a person who takes action". We can all be a hero to someone. Thanks for your comments.

  2. I like your comment about your notebooks helping writers block become speed bumps! Keeping those notes is such a good idea. I need to do more of that, for sure! Barb Bettis

  3. It really does help at times. Today is one of those days I'm really stuck. I'm in the process of writing down "what if" to help me push through. Sometimes I go back and look at other speed bump moments and find that something I left earlier in the project could actually be used where I'm at that moment. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Thank you, Shirley. I feel like we have a great deal to talk about these days. We should get together & discuss blogging, newsletters and the future marketing job ahead of us.

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