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My projects tanked this summer due to a new addition to our family, an unexpected move and elderly parents with health concerns. Now that my life has reached a manageable pace, I find it extremely difficult to stay on track with writing. The stories still spin in my head, but when it comes time for my fingers to work their magic I feel sluggish and disjointed. Part of the problem relates to being a teacher used to lesson plans, goals and strategy. For the last three months I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants, trying to keep my head above water with each new surprise thrown my way. Starting this week I’ll be able to formulate a daily plan for writing, walking, marketing and the loves.

Sit down and write. Anything. I can edit later. Just do it. I have so many stories walking in my head that surely I’ll be able to attack one of them.

I’ve decided this will be good for my mind, body and soul. The weather is getting cooler so I’m hoping walking will jump start my day in a healthy, positive way. Communing with God and nature makes sense on so many levels.

Continue to market myself for speaking events, conference attendance, and social media. Two places that I love to absorb knowledge is The Publicity Hound and Savvy Authors.

The Loves:
Travel, read, family, garden, decorate, shop, learn, music and laugh!

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  1. I feel the same way, Tierney. I think mine was because I had my routine, then 2 kids came home from college, and my day isn't my own anymore. Instead of taking weeks of vacation, my husband took days here and there throughout the summer, which was great, but again, my days were interrupted. I'm starting to get back on track too. Walking is wonderful. I walk by myself or take my Lab puppy for a hike. Both do wonders for my soul. Good luck.

    1. Debbie, I'm so glad others understand the challenges of being a focused writer. People think we just sit down and write a chapter. I can write anywhere, but I have to be in "THE ZONE" to make it work. It's like playing the piano: if you don't practice every day then you start missing notes. Thanks for responding.

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