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Lots of bad news today. Are you prepared for a tornado, earthquake, hurricane or now-Ebola? What about if the super volcano blows in Yellowstone? That one will affect most of the United States. Of course there is always the constant threat of a terrorist attack that grinds things to a halt. Remember 9/11? Flights were grounded for some time! I have an emergency kit. Do you?  You might want to get one together. If Ebola gets into South America can you imagine the flood of people pouring across the borders for health care?

My Emergency List
Peanut Butter
Prepackaged peanut butter and
Granola & protein bars
Large jars of mixed nuts
Canned meat (tuna, ravioli,
Dried fruit
Water – as much as you can
Pasta Noodles
Canned sauces
First Aid
Bandages & antibiotic
Medications you use on a
regular bases
Pain Meds like aspirin &
Allergy meds
Surgical masks
Disposable gloves
Hand sanitizer
Tooth Paste & brushes
Duct tape
Plastic sheeting
Disposable tableware (cups,
plates, silverware, etc.)
Baby supplies (diapers, food,
powdered milk, powdered juice for water, etc.)
Full tank of gas (when your
tank gets to half, fill it up!)
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Clorox Wipes
Other cleaners you use
Clothing: I keep socks, underwear,
a couple of changes of clothes in a plastic tub for emergencies. If we lose
electricity you may not be able to wash clothes. So keep the laundry done up
and backup clothes somewhere safe. Comfortable shoes.
Paperwork: Have copies of
passports, insurance, etc. in a plastic bag for a fast getaway if necessary.
You won’t remember where you put the originals in an emergency. Just keep it
with the clothes or other things you have packed.
Flashlights & batteries
LED lights
Tools: pocket knife, screwdriver,
hammer, nails, wrench

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  1. Chances are you'd survive the first wave. I don't do uncomfortable so I'm going to make sure there's plenty of coffee, chocolate and duct tape. You probably have most of this stuff on hand anyway. Might as well put it all in one place.

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