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All of us have experienced moments when raising our
children compares to finding yourself on the Death Star with Darth Vader. At
other times we imagine the sound of a cello playing the theme song from Jaws as
we tread the waters of self-doubt without a lifeboat in sight. Today Lindsey
Bell is here to talk about her new book, Searching for Sanity: 52 Insights from the
Parents of the Bible.
This parent devotional book is designed for busy
moms. Besides being a stay-at-home mother of two, Lindsey is a minister’s wife,
avid reader, and chocolate lover.
Lindsey! Your book is full of Biblical stories and how they apply to our
attempt at parenting. You follow this with some interesting daily activities.
How did you get so wise at such a young age? These are amazingly simple and

LOL, I certainly don’t consider myself wise! In all
reality, I wrote this book because of my own need as a young mom. I remember coming home from the hospital with my first child and
crumbling. I was overwhelmed by my new responsibilities. At the end of one
especially difficult day, I remember thinking to myself, “I feel so lost. I
have no idea what I’m doing!”
Right after I said that, I
looked over at my nightstand and saw my Bible sitting there and realized I
needed to be looking there first and foremost for guidance in my parenting.  
 How have the daily activities improved you as
a parent?

The daily activities within the book help parents
remember what they’ve read and apply these lessons to their lives. It’s so easy
to read a book, love it, but then forget everything you’ve learned within a day
or two. The activities can help moms solidify each lesson into their minds.
interesting that you bring up accountability in children and ourselves, of
course. Why did you include this section in your book when the trend in
parenting is “live and let live”?

We only get one chance in this life: one chance to
parent our kids, one chance to make a difference, and one chance to enjoy the
moments. This parenting thing is too important to just let it happen as it
happens. Accountability is a vital part of living an intentional life.
of my favorite parts was the section on Caleb. The idea of “lead by example” is
very strong here.  Can you list some
examples of how parents can accomplish this?

We accomplish this in just about every area of our
lives. If we want our kids to be generous with their money, we need to be
generous with ours. If we want our kids to be content with what they have, we
need to be content with what we have. If we want our kids to love the Lord and
make Him a priority, we need to make Him a priority. Kids learn so much more by how we live than by what
we say. That’s why it’s so important our actions line up with our words.
an everyday hero is not how most women see themselves. Why do you think we
focus on the flaws rather than the strengths?

We women are SO hard on ourselves. I think it’s one
of Satan’s favorite things to tempt us with because he knows if he can get us
to put ourselves down, we won’t be as effective. If we’re beating ourselves up,
he won’t have to.
were so many parts of this book I loved. My best advice to those reading this
today is to check out the book.  Having
said that what does your future projects in writing look like?

I’m working on two books right now. The first one
(that will be out sometime in 2016) is called Unbeaten: How Biblical Heroes
Rose Above Their Pain
. It’s a ten-week devotional and Bible study that
can be used individually or with a group. This book will show readers how they
too can face difficult circumstances and walk away from these with their hope
The second book I’m working on (that I don’t have a
publication date on yet) is called When God Says No: Finding Hope After Baby
. I’m co-writing this book with a friend of mine who has also lost
several babies to miscarriage.
I offer a short, free e-book to all of my newsletter
subscribers called Financial Freedom on a Fixed Income. You can sign up for that at
my website: www.lindseymbell.com.
Thanks, Lindsey. How can people connect with you?       
I’m online at any of the
following locations:                        
My website: www.lindseymbell.com

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  1. When someone mentions books, I always think of the fiction market. This sounds like a great non-fiction read. The ebook on financial freedom sounds like a useful one as well. Thanks for sharing.

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