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I’ve known this writer for many years. She was one
of the first people to welcome me to the Ozarks. Since that time I’ve grown to
love and admire her work, both as a teacher and now an author. Willy Robbins
grew up on a family farm in Southwest Missouri. Her love for reading began at a
young age, and as a teacher she continues to spread the joys of reading to her
students. When Willy isn’t reading or writing, you might find her at an antique
store looking for treasures. However, her favorite thing to do is spend time
with her husband and four children at their home in the beautiful Ozarks. Thanks
for joining us today!

always curious as to why people write the genre they do. You write children’s
books. Give us some insight as to the reason for your choice
I decided to write children’s books as a way to help
young parents with all those things we have all been afraid of, like something
in our closet or even the first day of school. Reading a fun book with bright
pictures to a little one, hopefully will encourage confidence in them, as well
as encourage the love of reading in the future. 
your second book will be released. What can you tell us about this new book?

Brooding School Blues is about a little chick that
is afraid of her first day of school. She seeks the help of her older brother,
and instead of the chance to really tease her, he decides to take her on a tour
of the school and show her the fun things she will learn. Brooding School Blues
is a fun picture book full of farmyard animals little ones will be able to
enjoy as they follow Melba and discover school is a fun place to learn.
work full time and still manage to write. That is a difficult task to maintain.
What is your secret?

My secret is this…I sneak off to the kitchen and
write. No one else cooks or does dishes in my house, so it is pretty quiet
there. Seriously, I eke out a few pages here and there when there is time. I
write a lot on Sunday evenings. Sometimes, when I should be doing
lesson plans, I find myself tweaking a small story as well as making
illustration notes.
are always pushing themselves to try new things. What would you like to try

 I would like
to try a young adult paranormal novel. After starting a notebook of characters,
I am now learning how they will work together in a book.  That is the
tricky part, jumping out of a comfort zone, into the unknown. 

a new published author I’m sure you’ve found certain aspects difficult or
unexpected. Can you discuss what makes you crazy since most of us have that

I would have to say the most difficult aspect is
waiting on illustrations. Seeing the pictures that make the words is so
exciting, and waiting on them is tedious. I have learned patience. Another
unexpected turn is that selling a book is difficult.  There are so many
books on the market that trying to get your own noticed is tough. Time is the
last speed bump I have encountered. In order to jump from hobby author to full
time author takes time, which I don’t have at this point due to being employed as
a full time teacher.
advice would you give for writers trying to get the courage to publish?

Just do it. Find a mentor and hook on to their coat
tails and learn. You have to be willing to just let yourself get out there,
scary but necessary. 
tell us about your first picture book
My Closet
is the story about a young boy that
needs to go to bed, but is certain there is something in his closet. Read how
Ernie finds out for himself what could possibly be or not be in his
 It’s always exciting to find out more about up and coming authors. How
can people contact you or find your book?

Twitter: @Robbinswilly
Facebook author page: on.FB.me/VW1Rsq
Amazon quick link to purchase your
copy Amzn.to/1qV6JaC

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  2. I think you have some spam on here. Aside from that, I do like your advice on getting published. I think the trick is to keep at it even on those days you feel you haven't got a chance to succeed.

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