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The Raging Storm of Brandy Nacole

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are often asked “Where do you come up with this stuff?” I’m sure our guest
today hears that question constantly because her work is so full of
imagination. Meet Brandy Nacole, a young, up and coming author. Thank you for
joining me today.

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details
just got your book Broken Faith: Spiritual Discord #1 and after reading
just a little it sounds almost like an action thriller instead of a paranormal.
How did you pull your characters together to make such an interesting story?

I love writing about all different types of
paranormal beings, proof from the varied creatures in both my series.  Before I came up with the premises for Broken
Faith, I had been wanting to write a fallen angels series but couldn’t come up
with anything with a twist, no matter how hard I pushed and slaved away over
ideas.  Finally, on a 1,200 mile drive
home from New York State, I passed two road signs that got my wheels to turning
and by the time I got home, I had it.  I
added many different paranormal beings to add the conflict, the different views
of how each is treated, and how they all push through their problems with one
another to help one another.       
always seems to trigger a reason in writing what we do. What drove you to write
in this particular genre?

I’ve been interested in the paranormal from a very
young age.  I was a Goosebumps junkie
growing up before moving on to Anne Rice and Stephen King.  I think it’s the unordinary and all the
possibilities you can put into these worlds and into the characters that draws
me in.  There seems to be no limit to
what you can push, no too far-fetched idea when it comes to fantasy.  I believe it gives readers and writers the
chance to escape and become the goddesses, fairies, wizards, etc., we grew up
wishing we could be. 
do you hope readers discover in your book that is surprising or different from
others in this genre?

My main focus was to push the limits and ask the
question: How far would you go to help a total stranger, a stranger that was
created to be your enemy?  I hope readers
can connect the characters to real life. 
kinds of things inspire you to write and how do you use that to jump start your

Music, like many writers, is a big part of my
inspiration.  Thanks to Florence + The
Machine for the many nights I spent stuck staring at my computer screen like a
droid until their lyrics got the brain juices flowing again and the story
have different ways to get the story on paper; outlines, notebooks, research,
etc. How do you make the magic happen?

Outlines are a must for me.  It doesn’t mean the story is concrete and
that it won’t change, but I like to have it for a reference point.  Once the outline is done, the characters
named and what rolls they will play, then comes the research.  I always try to get all my research done ahead
of time so I have notes and a good idea of what I’m going to write. That way I
don’t have to break away while writing. 
have gone the self-publishing route with your work. That has become very
popular with authors. What were your reasons for going in this direction and
what advice would you give other authors considering doing the same?

Self-publishing can be very scary.  Lord knows I was scared to death, still am
really.  The reason I went that route was
because I had all these stories on my computer. I had the tools in front of me
to make it happen, so all I needed to do was push myself forward.  I knew just because I self-published didn’t mean the traditional route was out of the question. It meant I had more control.
If the time comes for a traditional publishing route, then I will be in a
better position to determine what I want to do.
My advice for any aspiring author who is looking to
self-publish is make sure you do your research. 
There is a lot to learn about publishing: editing, marketing,
networking, etc.  But once you get a
handle on these things, it’s easy peasy. 
Don’t let your fears get the best of you. Unless you try you’ll never
know what could happen.    
of latest book:  Darkest Reaches
(Spiritual Discord, 3) set to be out early 2015

and the other fallen angels have risked their lives to keep Sabrina safe as she
recovered from a Hell hound’s bite. Just when she began to improve, Hell was
unleashed as the hounds attacked, and kidnapped Sabrina.

Now, only days after the fight between the fallen
and the hounds, Kayson is determined to find Sabrina and bring her back from
Hell. The only thing standing in his way is a dangerous fallen angel named
Iraja. Iraja has the means to find Sabrina, but he doesn’t do favors without a
Sabrina is now facing the nightmare she’s been
running from since being turned into a vampire a century ago: her eternal
condemnation to Hell. Knowing her only chance of survival may rest by playing
nice and turning Hell hound Falon against Lucifer, Sabrina gives into the
bitter darkness and now has to fight to remember the good soul she truly is.
But when she discovers the role her and the innocent human Emma are forced to
play, will her fear get the better of her, and will she be lost forever?
In the third installment of the Spiritual Discord
series, the will to survive is tested, worst fears become a reality, and for
one, betrayal becomes the only option.



can readers reach you?
Thank you so much for having me Tierney! 

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