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Goals for the Busy Writer

A new year means starting over for many of us. There are the weight loss plans mixed in with the getting fit programs. We all long to be a better parent, friend, child, sibling or citizen of the universe. Most of those goals are within our reach. Life offers many opportunities to get side tracked from what seems important on January first. Writers aspire to accomplish other things that may or may not flow onto the traditional lists. Since I don’t make New Year’s resolutions I thought I would share some of my writing goals.

1.  Write every day for at least an hour.
2.  Market myself one day a week.
3.  Read a book every day of the week.
4.  Set time limits on social media.
5.  Submit my work to publishers several times a month.
6.  Don’t get discouraged when the rejections roll in. It’s not personal.
7.  Constantly find ways to improve my work.
8.  Keep track of new ideas at all times. (Carry a notepad.)
9.  Get a writing partner.
10.Attend writing groups regularly.
11.Attend writing conferences whenever possible.
12.Thank God for the gift of storytelling.

Over the coming year I’m sure I’ll need to add other writing goals. With writing, new and exciting things are always happening. Granted, some of those things are happening to other writers, but who doesn’t love a success story?

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  1. There's no right or wrong way to do this. I think as a writer each of us need to just figure out what works best for us. It's just important we don't spend too much time doing social media instead of writing.

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