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You Can’t Write Squat–Really?

Tierney JamesThere are those among us that take great delight in shining a light on some aspect of our writing, claiming it is worthless dribble. The review bullies stalk writers on Goodreads and Amazon, whittling away at self-confidence and creativity. Can those that criticize do any better? It’s hard to say. Let me tell you a story if you’re holding your head in trembling hands.
A young lady enrolled in an advanced writing glass in college. After the first assignment, her professor who was well known in the writing community, told her she was a terrible writer and shouldn’t be in his class. However, he promised to give her a B in the class if she never wrote again. Both kept their word. Fourteen years later she told the story to a journalist friend. He was horrified not only at the professor but her not fighting back to prove him wrong. With the journalist’s encouragement, she went home and wrote her first novel which she forwarded to him. Long story short he loved it and helped her find a publisher two months later. That woman was was Catherine Lanigan, author of Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile. To date she has published 30 novels. They have been translated into multiple languages. How may would she have written with the right guidance?
Believe in yourself. Do whatever it takes to improve your craft. But never listen to those who would doubt your ability to write. 

Tierney is the author of the action thriller AN UNLIKELY HERO and THE RESCUED HEART, due for release March 2015. Her two children’s books, ZOMBIE MEATLOAF and THERE’S A SUPERHERO IN THE LIBRARY are available on Amazon. 


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