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This is my first time to host a contest. The prize
is a clutch created by St. Louis designer Darcy Essmyer. Featured in small
boutiques and airport gift shops, her designs range from $48-$100. Would you
like to have one of these? I own four. Can’t get enough. They are all unique
and one of a kind designs. Here is how you can have a chance to win.
2.      Post
a review on Amazon.com – I check almost daily so when your review appears I’ll
throw your name in the hat for the drawing.
3.      Want
extra chances? Great. Here is how to get my attention.
a.       Tweet
3 times over three days – 1 chance
b.      Post
a picture of you holding the book, a sign, something that shows the name of the
book. – 1 chance
c.       Other
social media posts – Let me know where. Each day you post you get another
chance. 5 chances max. on this one.

The deadline is May 23rd. I need to reach
50 reviews for the prize to be awarded. So what happens if I have a tie? Then I
give out more clutches! If I don’t reach the 50 mark then I will extend the

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  1. Beautiful clutches. Great idea. I'll get to yours when I can. My novel released nine months ago, so I have plenty of time, right?! 😉

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