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Romance Author – Leigh Michaels

of the most popular romance authors of our time is visiting today. I’m so
excited to introduce (if you don’t already know her) to Leigh Michaels. I met
her several years ago at the Ozark Romance Authors Conference in Springfield,
Missouri. Since that time she has influenced, encouraged and supported my work.
I’m going to turn it over to Leigh since I need a hanky. 

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Leigh Michaels
Leigh Michaels

I’m Leigh Michaels, and my name is familiar to readers because – well, because
I’ve been around the romance world pretty much forever. After I wrote 80
contemporary romances for Harlequin, I got a bit burned out and needed a
change. So I switched it up to writing single-title historicals set in the
Regency period. I’m also the author of On Writing Romance and some
other books about writing, and I teach romance writing online at Gotham Writers
Workshop. But what readers may not know about me is that I own a world-class
dollhouse. Tiny things have been a fascination of mine for years – the house
took my husband and me a couple of years just to build, and decorating it will
never be finished. I still collect bits and pieces as I travel, and I often
re-purpose objects like pencil sharpeners, candy containers, bottle caps,
circuit boards and magnets as furnishings for the house. Greystone Manor,
also known as the Dahls’ House (after the little people who live there) is
currently on public display for the very first time. That’s me peering
through the entrance hall…

Magical Weddings (releases June
16 – preorder now for 99 cents) Whether the magic is real or or only in
the hearts of the bride and groom, the magic of weddings is undeniable — and
irresistible! Fifteen enchanting happily-ever-afters by bestselling
and award-winning authors. 
Gentleman in Waiting –
Lady Mariah Gerrard anxiously awaits the birth of her stepmother’s child,
desperately hoping for a boy who will inherit their father’s title so Mariah
can gain access to her dowry and her freedom. But when Myles Moreton comes to
Edgeworth to manage the family estate, Mariah’s no longer certain that even the
birth of a boy will solve her problems.

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/leigh.michaels.9 (pictures
of the dollhouse!)

All best,
w/a Leigh Michaels

NOW AVAILABLE — Regency-period
historical romance
Gentleman in Waiting
Ruining the Rake — long novella
An Affair for the Season — novella
The Birthday Scandal
The Wedding Affair
Just One Season in London
The Mistress’ House
Wedding Daze — short story
Shadows of Love — short story

Thank you so much for letting us see a different side of you, Leigh. 

I hope everyone will pick up one of her wonderful books. And if you’re a writer I strongly recommend On Writing Romance. I bought one before I even knew her!

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  1. Hi Leigh, one of your avid fans, here 🙂 Love your books, especially the Regencies, of course. Your Dahls' beautiful Greystone Manor looks fabulous. I add my recommendations to Tierney's–Leigh's books on writing are terrific. And if you get a chance to sit in on one of her presentations, be sure to do so! I'm off to pre-order Magical Weddings now. Hugs!

    1. Hi, Barbara! Sorry to be late replying. So glad you're liking the Regency books — and I wish you could drop in and visit the Dahls. Road trip!! 🙂

  2. I've read tons of your books, Leigh. Loved On Writing Romance.
    It's great that you and your husband seem to do a lot together. I wouldn't have the patience for a dollhouse like that, but I enjoy seeing yours on Facebook from time to time. Good job.

    1. Hi, Shirley! I found the dollhouse work very relaxing — at the end of the writing day I could unwind (but still think about my story) by working on little things, like painting toothbrush handles that are only half an inch long. (Well, they couldn't all just be white, could they? The Dahls would get confused!)

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