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Speed Dating for Readers #4 Life is a Cupcake

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today. We have a nice treat because some guys have jumped in to share with you
about their special brand of living life as a writer. Since I’m excited about
these cool folks I’m going to let Melissa Groeling start us off.

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Melissa Groeling

Melissa GroelingCaught
between cupcakes and writing, I try every day to find a healthy balance…with
disastrous results. While I smear chocolate icing all over the keyboard and
lick cupcake crumbs from my lips, I should mention that I love, love, love to
write. I’ve always been a book nerd, residing on the Eastern Seaboard, living
in bookstores and libraries until it seemed like it was only a natural
progression to try my hand at writing the books that I love so much. I tend to
lean more towards the darker side of human nature, spinning stories that don’t
always give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. Believe me, I’ve tried to write happy
and sunshine and it’s hard…at least, for me it is. But I enjoy it too much to
stop now!

Joshua Danker-Dake 
Joshua Danker-DakeProduct DetailsProduct Details
Born and
raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Joshua Danker-Dake now lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma
with his wife and two children. A writer and editor by trade, he also serves as
the Strategy and Tactics Editor for Diplomacy World, the flagship publication
of the Diplomacy hobby. Other things he gets rather excited about include
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, bombastic European power metal, and St.
Louis Cardinals baseball. Primarily a novelist, his script “Good
Fences” won first place in the Oklahoma Writers Federation’s 2015 contest.
www.joshuadankerdake.com www.facebook.com/joshdankerdake Books: The Retail, The Spare Room and Other Stories
(with Sean Danker-Smith)
Tim Desmond
Product DetailsProduct DetailsBlack Opal Books author Tim Desmond writes from San Joaquin Valley in
California. He is inspired by spy novels of the past by Len Deighton and crime
books of the late Elmore Leonard. The endless conspiracy theories are a
fascination also, and have turned up in his latest novel, The Doc. He is
also an artist and says, “I feel that fiction is really an art form, and as
such I try to be as original as possible. But, you can’t be so esoteric or
abstract with one’s writing that others don’t get it.” His first novel was a
World War II war and love story called For Thou Art With Me,
published 2005. A third novel, a science mystery, is due for release in
late 2015 called Zero Time Field.
Opal Books Author Page at:

Amazon author page at: 
The Doc page and Writing at: 
Art at: 

Product DetailsGloria Teague 

Product DetailsProduct Details
I’m an
eclectic reader, never settling into one certain genre, though I’m by and large
a lover of fiction. Because I feel as if we should write not what we know, but
what we like, that is all reflected in my writing. I’ve had eight books and
over 60 short stories/articles published. My work is anywhere from a memoir,
stories of true medical miracles, to various types of romance, branching into
paranormal romance and then ending with a book of short stories written in the
O. Henry vein of twisted endings. I dislike formulaic fiction, the predictable
ending, preferring to smile at the end of a story that ended far differently
than expected. I want my fiction, like my life, to surprise and delight me. You
can find me on Facebook or www.gloriateague.com

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Yvonne Erwin 


Yvonne ErwinProduct DetailsProduct DetailsYvonne Erwin
is a contemporary women’s fiction writer, living in Springfield,
Missouri. Her passions include reading, writing, gardening, cooking,
traveling and experiencing new adventures. She seldom goes very far without her
camera, which she’s nicknamed her “mini-me.” Currently, Yvonne is
serving as Vice President of the Springfield Writers’ Guild, a chapter of the
Missouri Writers’ Guild, and is a member of Ozarks Romance Authors. In 2012,
Yvonne won second place in the prose-fiction category in the 19th Annual
Springfield Writers’ Contest Literacy Contest. A Glimpse of Glory: My Journey to Heaven and Back, with co-author,
Rick East, is available at www.amazon.com & bn.com
debut contemporary women’s fiction novel, The
Discovery of Joy
was released February 2, 2015. The Discovery of Joy is a book largely about reinvention. Three
women, Julie, Andrea, and Claudine, are abruptly faced with circumstances
beyond their control. How will each one come through the fire? Will each
discover a spring of joy erupting from a dry rock, or fall into a dark pit?
Available at www.amazon.com and  www.bn.com
You can find
Yvonne  www.y-write.blogspot.com.
President of Springfield Writers’ Guild
A Word From Tierney James

I’ll have to
say I’m really enjoying getting to know these authors. I hope you find out more
about their work after reading about them. Sometimes I get locked away in my
office with writing and I forget about all the other authors out there pounding
out a story too. It’s great to know how they approach life. Me? Well I like
fast paced adventure or mysterious thrillers involving geo-political conflict.
I started the Enigma Series in 2013 with AN UNLIKELY HERO. The second is due
out June 8th. WINDS OF DECEPTION came as a result of meeting a man
who survived the attack on the American research vessel, USS Liberty. Talk
about a cover-up and conspiracy in real life! Whew. I hope you’ll follow the
Enigma Team as they try to stop an assassination attempt on President Buck

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