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Strippers to Post-Traumatic Stress – Speed Dating for Readers #5

Strippers, one night stands,
spiritual discord, the Yucatan Peninsula and post-traumatic stress. What could
be better? These authors have their act together. Maybe their lives parallel
yours. Maybe you’re going to find your next summer read. Either way you will
love these girls. People always say, “Where do you come up with this stuff?” Read
about their lives and the fog will begin to clear.  Don’t forget to comment below. Authors love

Ronnie Allen
Ronnie AllenRonnie Allen is in New York City
native transplanted to rural Central Florida seven years ago. Her debut novel,
Gemini, which will be released by Black Opal Books on June 6, 2015 takes
place in both locales. Her careers, as well, are featured in Gemini in both the
antagonist and protagonist. The psychopathic killer is a stripper by night,
school psychologist by day. (FYI Ronnie was not a stripper.) The forensic
psychiatrist is both psychic and clairvoyant and practices alternative
therapies. In Gemini, Barbara Montgomery is dumped into Dr. John Trenton’s lap
for a 72 hour observation. Through his profiling, medical analysis, and
intuitive abilities, he determines she’s a psychopathic predatory murderer. Can
he capture her and prevent future killings after she escapes from custody?
Aries, the second in the Sign Behind the Crime series will be released in the
fall. Presently, she’s writing the third in the series, Scorpio. 


Megan Vizzini-Gordon  
Megan Vizzini-GordonThis is M.E. Gordon here! Making my
first author debut with Black Opal Books! I’m a jack of all traits, mom to four
beautiful children, wife to a handsome husband, scoffer, cook, merry maid and
coolest of all and only second to being a mom I can say I’m a legit author.
Even though I don’t have a big fancy degree in literature or anything for that
matter, I found a way to take the stories swirling around in my head and put
them down on paper for everyone to enjoy. I love humorous, romance, and I love
writing about ‘real’ women. My first novel Torn Hearts, set to be released in
late summer. It’s about a hardheaded, size 12, college student who was used to
being over looked by the opposite sex. So when two unlikely, sexy men fight for
her attention she’s thrown for a loop! Black Opal Books has also picked up my
second Novel, Make Me Stay, which follows the sexy men of the band fittingly
named ‘One Night Stand’ Keep a look out because it’s set to release soon after
Torn Hearts    
Brandy NacoleProduct Details
Product DetailsBrandy Nacole  
Hello all. I’m Brandy Nacole, author
of the Spiritual Discord series and Shadow World series. My novels center on
Fantasy, with characters who are witty and bicker but who can also come
together when the going gets tough. Writing about creatures with supernatural
powers and who are feared by most, is something I have been drawn to since I
was little. Never have I not wanted to be an author, it’s been my dream since I
knew what an author was. My first published novel, Uniquely Unwelcome, was
inspired by a dream of a girl who was an outcast and bullied by all the
purebred Shadow beings, all because she was different and shouldn’t exist.
Broken Faith was inspired by two road signs and the urge to write a series
about fallen angels, hellhounds, and Lucifer’s blood children, aka vampires,
wolves, witches, etc. I’m not sure were my writing muse will take me next, but
I can guarantee it will involve a being with supernatural ability.


Cora Ramos   

Product Details

Product DetailsCora RamosAuthor Cora Ramos who lives in the
San Joaquin Valley of California loves mixing it up. As a member and past
president of San Joaquin Sisters in Crime, she started out as a short story
mystery/suspense writer, won awards and joined with two other writers to create
the popular anthology of award winning stories, Valley Fever, Where Murder is Contagious (Valley Fever being
a play on the disease in the dust of the Valley as well as the high murder rate
on those searing hot days of summer there). She then wrote a women’s fiction
story of romantic suspense with paranormal elements (a past life in Maya
country of the Yucatan, Mexico), Dance
the Dream Awake. While writing the follow-up novel, she had to pull out
the past life because it became too big. It morphed into an erotic romance set
in Heian, Japan 980 A.D., Haiku
Dance (released later this year with her publisher, Black Opal
Books). The novel, Dance the Edge,
will be in male POV. She loves to write, invent stories, paint, garden, have
tea with friends and travel, especially to visit the ocean as often as

Pam Foster

I was the skinny kid with the blue
binder under my arm, the one who sat in the corner and scribbled on lined
paper. I grew up writing lies to reshape the truth. Not much has changed,
except that I’ve discovered an entire family of writers and artists of every
stripe doing the same thing, each of us in our own unique way. I’ve had seven
books published, five fiction and two non-fiction. My two latest releases are
Ridgeline and Noisy Creek. Ridgeline is an historical fiction novel about
Adeline, a young woman caught in a bad situation, and Jeremiah, a civil war
veteran struggling with what we label post-traumatic stress and which Jeremiah
knew as soldier’s heart. Noisy Creek is a romp through a small southern town
led by Ruth, the fifty-five year old matriarch of the Barr family. Ruth’s plans
to age quietly are disrupted by the failing health of her aging parents and the
hot pursuit of a younger man.

More from Tierney

Product DetailsIt’s that time of year we head to a
favorite destination. Do you take a book with you when you travel? I take
several. It’s kind of like a security blanket in case I get bored and the rain
keeps me inside. I look forward to being trapped with a book. I hope you
enjoyed this new post on Speed Dating for Readers. Lots of people are stopping
by to check out something new. Check out earlier posts if you want more.

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