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Die Hard + 24 + Cinderella + Hero = Winds of Deception

It’s a Thriller, Romance, Geo-Political Conflict, Hurricane, Assassination 

Now that you’ve
met some of the Enigma characters through recent interviews I have some good
news. Even though the release date isn’t until Monday June 29th you
can find Winds of Deception today in the CreateSpace Store.  Just hop over https://www.createspace.com/5486793 if you want a head start. 
Please let me know what you think after reading
Also I will be having an online
launch party on July 7th. Details are forth coming! So be sure to
check back. I’ll be posting some questions so you need to come back here or
other places I lead you so you will win prizes! Here are the first two:
1.     Why did Tessa go to Washington D.C.?
2.     Name the first two Enigma Agents that
found Tessa at the airport.

Want some
eye candy? Then you should check out my pinterest boards at pinterest.com/ptierneyjames/   There you’ll find boards on Winds
of Deception, An Unlikely Hero, Tessa Scott, Capt. Hunter
and the movie stars I chose to help me
focus. See what you think. Agree or Disagree? 

My Tribe!

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