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Evil Chick from Georgia Falls in Love

The above title would make an interesting headline, don’t you think? To create this I took something from the books our contributors for Speed Dating for Readers offered this week. Eric is quite a character. We met at the Columbia, Missouri Historical Museum. I think you’re going to like him. Then there is Genie, a fellow Black Opal Books author that just drips with sweet tea. And finally there is children’s author Willy Robbins who is shaking things up with her unique style and storytelling. Besides being a writer she is a full time reading teacher. Let’s get started with Eric.

Eric Praschan
Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details
Eric Praschan- AuthorEric Praschan works as an academic by day, but late at night
he slips into the twisted minds of criminals…not to fight crime, but to write
crime.  He loves suspense fiction books like an addiction, and he doesn’t
plan on kicking the habit anytime soon.  With a background in literature,
drama, music, teaching, and theology, he has worked in a range of fields, but
writing has remained constant in his life for more than two decades. 
After dusk, you will find Eric blasting hard rock music in his office while
pounding out the pages of his latest thriller. Before dusk, he’s probably
sleeping in his coffin.  Do not disturb.  Some of his hobbies include
college football, basketball, and monster movies.  Due to the dark, twisty
nature of his suspense novels, it is believed that Eric has afflicted his poor,
wonderful wife with a chronic case of sleep-with-one-eye-open syndrome. 
Eric and his wife live in Columbia, Missouri, where she demonstrates eternal
patience and support for his nocturnal, vampiric writing habits.

Blurb: Blind Evil
Product Details 
Sometimes you can be so close to evil, you can’t even see
Police detective John Grayson’s worst nightmare comes to
life when he investigates a chilling double homicide and discovers that his
best friend, David Vincent, is the prime suspect.  As John unravels the
mystery and trails the killer across Missouri, he finds himself caught in the
web of David’s twisted psychological schemes.  The terror increases when
Emily Dolon, the woman both John and David have loved since childhood, becomes
the target of David’s macabre mind games.
Trapped between his duty of solving the case and his
devotion to his best friend, John struggles to find the truth, knowing he must
execute justice, even if it costs him lifelong loyalties or his own life. 
Blind Evil is a taut psychological thriller that explores the dark place where
sanity and madness collide.  
List of books:
Therapy for Ghosts (The James Women Trilogy Book 1) 
Sleepwalking into Darkness (The James Women Trilogy Book 2)
The Reckoning (The James Women Trilogy Book 3)
Blind Evil
The Burden of Silence
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Genie Smith Bernstein   
Genie Smith Bernstein She began writing by falling out of the sky. After safely landing an airplane whose
engine failed, she was unable to talk about the experience until capturing her
emotions on paper. From that exercise came her ability to infuse writing with
emotion and led her to the romance genre.
Originally from Eatonton, Georgia, Genie writes in an
authentic southern voice. Swimming to keep fit she makes her home in Athens,
Georgia, and shares with her husband their joyously combined family of six
children and thirteen globe-trotting grandchildren.
Genie is a featured columnist for Georgia Connector, Georgia’s premier regional quarterly magazine. Winner
of South Carolina’s “Carrie McCray Literary Award for Non-Fiction,” her short
stories were also selected to appear in four volumes of “O, Georgia!” anthologies of Georgia’s newest and most promising writers.

Product DetailsGenie’s romance novel,
Act on the Heart, was recently published by Black Opal Books.
Grieving the loss of
her husband and child, she just wants to be left alone…

On the brink of depression, Kathryn Tribble abandons her New
York editing career and seeks sanctuary in rural Georgia where she grew up. But
one of her major clients, celebrity author Joe Butler pursues her, insisting
she edit his first fiction novel. Kathryn reluctantly agrees, but is devastated
when the manuscript seems to be mined from her very own misfortune. Instead of
finding the peace she longs for, Kathryn is once again pushed to the brink.
Hiding a sham
marriage and caring for his seriously ill daughter he wants much more from her
than editing skills…

Descending from Hollywood royalty, Joe’s first book was a
biography of his family, but Kathryn recognized his rare talent and challenged
him to write fiction. Doing so, he transforms the raw courage he sees in her efforts
to reclaim her life into what promises to be a blockbuster heroine. His hard
word backfires when Kathryn refuses to have anything more to do with the book –
or with him. Heartsick at the pain he’s unintentionally caused her, Joe
abandons the project. However his megastar cousin, Colton Bennet, is determined
to make it into a movie. Even worse, Colton becomes infatuated with Kathryn,
convinced that, in his world of make believe, he can anchor himself to reality
by making her his wife.

Mired in grief and pain, these three troubled people face a
hard choice – to walk away and risk losing everything that matters, or to act
on the heart.

Product Detailshttps://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gifWilly
Willy RobbinsI am Willy Robbins and I am a writer. I began this journey a
long time ago when I wrote a screen play in 8th grade. The Adventures of Bleep
and Bloop, was a blockbuster stop animation starring  two aliens from
outer space…made from play dough.  I received an “A” on the
project, and the seed of writing was planted.  With encouragement from my
mentor and friend, Tierney James, I started to germinate that seed again. I now
write children’s books.

Product Details

My newest release, Brooding School Blues, hatched when I
watched my new baby chickens acclimate to their new surroundings. Scared but
curious, they watched the older chickens, and quickly learned where to eat,
drink, scratch and sleep.  Melba and Bert, the stars of my new book
will encourage and inspire young ones getting ready for their first days of
school. The wonderful illustrations really make my words come alive.  

http://amzn.to/1w6PUQf  In
My Closet amazon link

http://amzn.to/1J19COk brooding
amazon link 

One More Thing
One of the things I’d like for you to investigate is the Mission K9 Rescue website. It is the charity of New York Times best selling author, Leo J. Maloney. It is a charity for rehabilitation and placement of military dogs that have served right along side our service men and women. There are still tickets available for the November 14th Gala  www.k9gala.org  http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2188700.

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